Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Month Without Blogging:

The recent dearth of posts on the Gridbook Blog perhaps requires an explanation: Occasionally life moves so quickly that recording the wave of experiences, realizations, and reflections is simply not possible. My recent life has been such a time.

The complexity and beauty of a growing infant in our home is a source of daily amazement. The adjusting of a marriage to the presence of this new child and strains of outside commitments has been both challenging and wonderful. Also in recent weeks I have finally moved from the Limbo of Emergency Room work and finally become what I always wanted to be. I am now the town doctor of a small rural community. I now have patients who call me their own personal doctor. I have also been writing regularly—just not the sort that would fit into this blog.

The interplay of family and friends, health and illness, responsibility and dreams, politics and absurdity, have provided much to discuss with you in the future. I have only lacked the time to turn these reflections into blog posts.

So the Gridbook Blog is not dead... it is changing. I expect that posts may be less frequent, but hopefully more interesting. There are also several excellent guest posts in the works. Often there will be quiet spaces between postings. You may find that subscribing by email or RSS is easier than checking the site. I look forward to talking to you more about the fascinating times in which we live.