Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Defending Domestic Rights

A "modest proposal" for defending domestic freedoms...


Domestic choices are deeply personal and often agonizing. Imagine how much more traumatic these choices must be when the government threatens to invade every home’s privacy and condemn responsible household-heads as a criminals for personal choices made within private households!

As Americans our domestic rights are profoundly important to us. Our homes become expressions of who we are. For many years American adults have enjoyed domestic freedoms. The autonomy of our domestic space is personal and sacred. We have assumed our homes to be as safe from desecration by outsiders as our own bodies. Many American adults even allow minor dependents to develop within the inner-sanctum of their domestic space. Each adult chooses how to manage his or her own home environment, and all such choices are deeply private. Americans appreciate the diversity of domestic expressions individuals choose for their lives.

In recent years, however, domestic rights foes who aim to usurp individuals’ private domestic choices and replace them with state-mandated moral codes have been gaining a foothold in government. Every American’s domestic freedoms now stand in jeopardy! Right now there are opponents of domestic rights in Congress who seek to label men and women’s personal choices as “morally intolerable” and “child abuse” and use that excuse to give the government the right to invade your private domestic space. Their anti-privacy agenda even goes so far as requesting that neighbors and health care workers become informants, reporting individuals’ personal home choices to governmental agencies that would have the authority to invade your home if your domestic choices on the management of your pre-adults doesn’t conform to official state-legislated morals.

Moralist zealots and political special interests seek to thwart the private choices of responsible adults and subvert your domestic freedoms to the alleged rights of dependent domestic minors, although the law does not recognize them as developed enough to be adults, and study after study has established that most minors (particularly the younger pre-adults) are incapable of self-sustainment independent of a domestic environment.

As the government ominously threatens to legislate puritanical morality and restrict even more domestic freedoms, many Americans do not speak up because they themselves would not choose to roughly handle or terminate their own domestic minors. What well-meaning Americans must realize is that criminalization of any adult's choices in the inner-sanctum of his or her own home is a violation of the privacy and domestic rights of every one of us! If we stand by silently the Constitutional right to privacy, the right to own property, the freedom to choose, and the protection against unlawful searches and seizures will be completely eroded in order to legislate the scruples of religious fanatics, social extremists, and special interest groups.

Please stand up for your courageous fellow Americans who even today face public humiliation, confiscation of their private homes and minors, and even imprisonment for exercising their right to make difficult domestic decisions! Educate yourself and those around you about your constitutional domestic rights and the ongoing crusade by politicians and special interests to restrict those rights. Let people know that you trust American adults to make domestic choices without government violating their homes. Write your congressman or congresswoman to let them know that you support domestic rights and urge them to oppose any legislation that would allow the government to dictate the personal choices of men and women in the privacy of their own homes. Join Americans for Domestic Rights today and let you voice be heard!

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