Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Wages of Nihilism

Today's news is sad but not surprising. It seems that meaningless violence is the hallmark of our generation's nihilism:

"The ideal young revolutionary of our generation is like an uncaged animal that unleashes blind lust or fury at anything that nears it. What other kind of revolutionary could we expect in a world with nothing worth believing in? It is only the insightful revolutionaries who truly identify... the oppressor within themselves, in their own unrestrained passions. What else to do but turn that limitless fury in on itself? So they unleash all fury on their own angry selves, often killing a schoolyard full of random classmates with them, creating a horror so beautiful and rebellious that the rest of us can only watch with awe and envy. The school shooter is not an isolated phenomenon, he is the final product of the Revolution."

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