Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the gridbook blog

When I was in college and medical school I used the grid-lined notebooks I had for my laboratory classes as places to collect my thoughts. Over the years I packed about 30 gridbooks with essays, journals, plans, thoughts, confessions, ideas, or drawings. They went with me everywhere. I was always writing. Occasionally I would show a particular page or two to a friend to share my thoughts or ideas.

Over the last several years the gridbooks have been collecting dust on a shelf as I have transitioned to electronic documents. The idea of blogging appeals to me, so I am trying my hand at sending thoughts out into the world to see if anyone else is interested in reading them.

Feel free to read and respond as you wish. I'll be posting new ramblings as well as some older things I think you might find interesting (I'll be sure to mark the older stuff so you know the difference). I write a lot of thoughts on various topics (medicine, politics, culture, Christianity, personal, etc) so I'm not sure what sort of blog this will turn into. Stay tuned.


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